The Benefits of Shower Trolleys

Healthcare professionals who understand the seriousness and necessity of giving effective and extensive care recognize the need for special equipment that makes the process easier for both patients and care providers. A Shower trolley for disabled is one such indispensible instrument that can provide great relief and help to elderly and disabled individuals alike. Cleaning and bathing a bedridden person can be a difficult task. It can prove to be challenging for the care provider and it can also be uncomfortable for the patient.

But a shower trolley makes the whole process easier and simpler. A shower trolley provides a comfortable posture for the care provider so that they can attend to the patient without any muscular stress and it represents a dignified bathing and cleaning experience for whoever is on the receiving end of the treatment.

Shower Trolleys With Adjustable Height

Most of the healthcare professionals who have to deal with elderly patients and recumbent resident patients will agree to the fact that transferring someone from his/her bed to the bathing area can be a difficult task. For example someone who is bedridden and has back problems will find the whole lifting and sitting process to be extremely uncomfortable.

For such patients, a shower trolley is a necessity. For the patient, it provides a dignified way of showering, and for the caregiver it provides a way to transfer the patient without any manual lifting. Since there is no carrying and lifting involved with the use of a shower trolley, the risk of injury to the patient is also minimized greatly. Some shower trolleys also come with height adjustable bases. A shower trolley with adjustable height makes it a lot easier for the care provider to attend to the hygienic needs of his of her patients.